Thank you so much for showing us such amazing love, support, and participating in our Harvest of Love.

Many people have asked us if there is anything we would like, and honestly what we would like is to renovate our home, to create the space, and look that will promote a cozy feel for our family.

We have chosen this website because it's safe, secure and very convenient.  We humbly request that if you would like to bless us monetarily, please use this site as the method to do so.  

This website offers many categories we've identified as areas of assisting us establishing the cozy balance mentioned before.  Each item has a contribution amount towards the purchase of the lined item.  For example, a requested  number of 60 priced at $50.00 each is the same as contributing (purchasing) 1 of the requested number.  This action would decrease the Still Needs column.  You may contribute as much and as often as you like.  Don't Forget to sign our guest book :)

We truly desire your presence to witness our One Flesh Covenant in God & look forward to celebrating with you on our special day. Please click on the Additional Info link to the left and send your reply card attendance by clicking on the link.

Love Reginald & Carmen

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